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Time Saver | How to Make Your Mani / Pedi Last

I’ll admit it, there are two things I’m worried about these days… One, is summer really, already, halfway gone? WTF?! And two, my mani / pedi just doesn’t seem to last, and I can’t hide it under my summer sandals! While I can’t do anything to make summer stay, follow Time Saver #32 below to ensure your mani / pedi lasts. Will work if you’re a regular salon goer, or a DIY aficionado.



Start with clean nails. If you have an old manicure, first take it off using non-acetone nail polish remover. Then clean the nail beds with rubbing alcohol, or white vinegar. This gets rid of any oils that will stand between you and your nail polish.



Don’t soak your hands. Ask for a “dry manicure” at the salon as water will soften the nail bed, making your nail expand and your polish chip more swiftly.



ClassyLady Professional Glass Nails File - Crystal Finger Nail Files For Natural and Acrylic Nails, Double Sided Glass Nail File instead of Emery Boards and Buffers (Silver)File your nails using a glass nail file. Glass nail files seal keratin layers at nails’ ends, which stops them from chipping. In comparison, classic nail files cause the nail to thin if used to file in both directions. This Amazon one is inexpensive and will last for years. Just wash with soap and water after use.



File your nails in the same shape as your nail bed. This will allow for less chipping and snagging at the ends. Non-semicircular nails catch more easily on anything from your sandals, to you partner’s ankles when you’re trying to cuddle!



Push back and remove your cuticles, as well as buff the nail bed. This Amazon set for $7.95 will get it all done.



Orly Nail Bonder Nail Treatment-0.6 ozPacifica 7 Free Nail Color Gloss Top & Base Coat - 0.45 fl ozApply a base coat. For traditional nail polishes, always do this before your polish color. A good option is the Orly Longer Lasting Bonder. For those of you who want to avoid some harsher ingredients, Pacifica 100% Vegan base and top coat polish is a great choice.



essie® Gel Couture Nail Polish - image 1 of 5Add two thin coats of color. Don’t layer on a thick coat, instead opt for two thin coats of color, as thicker coats cause polish to chip faster. If in a salon, ask for this specifically. Salons often try to hurry through customers by doing only one heavy coat!

OurBFF Pro Tip:

7 Day Chip Free Manicure: Try CND Vinylux Weekly Nail Polish infused with vitamin E, Keratin, and Jojoba oil. Comes in more than 100 great colors and doesn’t need a base coat. Just finish off with a CND Vinylux top coat!

14 Day Chip Free Manicure: If you’re a fan of Essie (I am), try the Gel Couture. Will last for 14 days! No base coat needed, just apply one coat of Essie’s Gel Couture top coat.

For a 3 week chip free option, try the no-chip manicure at a salon! No drying needed, and will save you time and money of making weekly trips. I wouldn’t recommend doing this often though, as it tends to thin your nails.  Also, apply SPF to your hands before you start, as many salons use UV rays to dry your nails that may cause premature hand aging.



Revlon Extra Life Top Coat, 0.5 OunceAlways add a top coat to seal color. For traditional nail polish, use a top coat and don’t forget to cap nail tips by running the polish at nail ends! My all time favorite top coat is from Revlon, Extra Life No Chip Top Coat. Alternatively, for a shellac type finish, try CND Shellac original top coat. Goes on like polish, but wears like gel!



Run hands through cold water to dry faster.  A great trick is to rinse your hands in chill water if you want to cut drying time. If you live in humid climates, wait a little longer to dry.



Add a top coat two days after your manicure. To add three days of life to your mani, apply a top coat a few days post your manicure. Manicure life extension guaranteed! Try the top coat options above..



Best All Natural Cuticle Oil - Bee Naturals Nail Oil Helps Cracked Nails and Rigid Cuticles - Perfect Vitamin E Enriched Treatment for Moisture, Softness & Health - Anti-Fungal Tea Tree Essential Oils Apply cuticle oil daily. Not only will this prevent your cuticles from drying, but it will keep the polish from chipping as well.  A good option is bee naturals, enriched with vitamin E. Try to apply at least once a day.



Wear gloves when doing dishes, and try to avoid hand sanitizer, which contains alcohol. If you happen to have a partner or roommate who doesn’t wear nail polish, make them do the dishes. You have a cast iron excuse!

Get It Done. Save Time. In Style.

– Marie Krol

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