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Time Saver | How to Clean Your Hair Brush

Be honest… how often do you clean your hair brush? Or do you (gasp) never clean it? That means you let your hairspray, dry shampoo, dust, and dead skin cells infect your clean hair every time you brush. Let Time Saver #18 show you how to quickly do a hair brush cleanse, keeping that mane looking healthy and on point.
– Marie

Step 1: Remove Dead Hair

This step is easiest and can be done weekly — using a comb to remove clogged hair. Starting at brush base, comb through the brush, gently pulling up to remove trapped hair.

Pass through several times until all hair is removed. If you have a round brush, make sure to clean all sides.

OurBFF Tip: A simple pen will do if you don’t have a comb on hand. Just slide under hair, pull up to loosen, and discard hair.


Step 2: Disinfect 

Fill a small bowl with water adding a few nickel sized drops of your favorite shampoo (preferably free of silicones, parabens, and sulfates). As you hold the brush handle, place only the brush bristles in water careful NOT to submerge the entire brush (submerging may damage the brush). Pass brush bristles through water several times. If you have a round brush, move the brush handle clockwise to ensure all brush sides touch water.

Step 3: Rinse 

Rinse bristles under running water in sink to remove all soup. If you have a Mason Pearson brush, follow instructions here.

Step 4: Dry 

Lay flat on a towel to dry and that’s it!

OurBFF Tip: Choose the Right Brush

Boar bristles are best for hair as they don’t pull on fine strands while dispersing necessary oils. Stay clear of metal bristles which are known to tangle and tear hair. If you tend to blow dry often, use an Ionic Hair Brush to tame frizz and static. As a general rule of thumb, use a smaller circumference brush for shorter hair, and a wider brush, for longer hair. Always de-tangle before showering with a de-tangling brush.

Get It Done. Save Time. In Style.

— Marie Krol

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