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Time Saver | 5 Quick Steps To Clear Your Mind

Highly inefficient, and highly ineffective, is what I become when my mind races to manage family issues, job issues, and more generally, LIFE issues. Have a little self love to relax your mind, and consult the time saver below — if only for five critical minutes of mental peace a day. And those very five minutes, may just save your sanity.
– Marie Krol


Get Natural Light


You’re not crazy when you feel a little sad when it gets dark outside. Your body produces serotonin, the happiness boosting neurotransmitter, when it makes contact with sunlight.

ASSIS Led Lighted Makeup Mirror with 10X Magnifying, Natural LED, Touch Screen and Auto Off Dual Power Supply, 180° Adjustable, Portable Compact Travel Trifold Vanity Mirror(White)To get a little sun in the morning, try this natural light makeup mirror ($29.99). That way you’ll always get a dose of natural light when you’re getting ready.

Another tip is to take a half hour walk during the day. Not only will it help you with exercise, but natural light combined with fresh air will ramp those mood boosting hormones fast!

For those of us who don’t have the time to go outside and / or live in dark climates, invest in all natural light emitting desk lamp ($69.99, here is a cheaper one for $30). Get your work done and get happy at the same time. And if you want more light, here it is in a natural light floor lamp option ($69.99)..





Try meditating every day, if only for five minutes. Meditation has been proven to increase energy, reduce stress, enhance focus, as well as offer myriad of other relaxation benefits.

Below are quick steps to get you meditating fast. And if you’re new to meditation, try the app Headspace (first 10 meditations are free), or Calm. These apps definitely make it a little less intimidating to start.


1. Find time you can meditate the same day every day, set a timer when you do
2. Find a quiet space, add meditation music as you see fit
3. Get comfortable, and close your eyes
4. Breath in for 4 counts, hold for 3 counts, and breath out for 4 counts
5. Clear your mind by only focusing on your breath
6. Create a mantra (e.g., thank you, I am, calm) and say it in your mind or out loud every time your mind wonders to bring it back to center.




Yoga Studio

Exercising does wonders for the mind, not just the body. It stimulates endorphins and amino acids such as GABA (think happy chemical), lowers stress hormones like cortisol, as well as blood pressure.

Try the Aptiv workout app for some quick gym routines. To really get you pumping, add some awesome beats with this electro house workout music playlist.

If you want to mellow out and calm the mind, yoga is especially great. Try the Yoga Studio app to quickly stream on your iPad, iPhone or Apple TV anywhere you go.




Slide View: 1: An Inspired Life: A Journal For Thinking, Dreaming, and Discovering

Journaling daily is a quick and easy way to release stress, express yourself freely, and put things in perspective. Also, writing things out will help you understand yourself and your feelings better. First, write about what happened that day, then talk about how it made you feel.

Grab the Moleskine notebook (always a great staple), or Anthropologie’s An Inspired Life Journal.


Get Aromatherapy


Scents are powerful triggers impacting the nasal receptors, which can send either calming or stressful sensations to our bodies. Lavender, ylang ylang, and rosemary have been proven to have a calming effect on the mind.

Fill your room quickly with these essential oils using an oil diffuser. Or try it in a room spray or a hand lotion.

The best is to take a bath with scented Epsom salt. The warm water will sooth your nerves, while the magnesium in Epsom salt will work to create a feeling of full body calm. And I’m not even talking about you getting 10 minutes of just you time.

Get It Done. Save Time. In Style.

— Marie Krol

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